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Dear Shoppers ❤️

My name is Tamara Thacker, I am the owner of Eco-Elephant


In recent times I’ve decided to give back to my community in times of need.

Creating an active online presence to ensure we follow our Countries Protocols.


I have decided we would donate 15% of our profits to the local business in need. I am hoping we together can help give back. If anything at all. 
What inspired me to do so is my everyday job. I do not know where I would be without their kindness and knowledge.

I want to help people like them in my community.  
Hopefully with the right resources We can establish a donation fund to help relieve financial trouble.


Animals are very dear to my heart, they have helped me through every tough moment in my life and all I hope is that I can impact their lives like they have mine. I could use your help! Let’s see what kind of difference we can make!

- I work at my Local Pet Store- It is honestly my passion.







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